Selected Client Work

Effective copywriting in the digital world is more than just good writing.

It requires strategy, production and client engagement–someone to stand in the gap between great design and effective communication.

I work directly with creative teams and clients to produce and/or direct the production of effective, on-message and on-schedule content for websites and other creative initiatives.

Content Strategy & Production

Brightway Insurance (Corporate) 
Produced and/or managed the production of content and visual assets for over 120 franchise locations. Worked directly with Brightway Corporate’s marketing team to write the copy for all of their insurance pages. (Aug.-Dec., 2015)

Rayonier Seedlings 
Worked directly with the marketing director for Rayonier and S4 designers and developers to produce a content-first website by structuring the copy before producing and entering it into the site. Was the direct liaison between the client and the creative team. (June-August, 2015)

The Sontag Foundation

Wrote the foundational messaging and copy for the website, then worked directly with the client to produce, revise, and enter the content into the CMS. (May-Sep., 2016)

Girl Power to Cure
Wrote the messaging for GP2C, an organization that is raising awareness for Rhett Syndrome, a debilitating neurological disorder that primarily affects women. Also worked directly with the Founder and CEO to either write or produce the content and visual assets for the new website. (Forthcoming)

Smith’s Farm 

Worked directly with the client to write all of the copy for the site as well as optimized and entered all visual assets into CMS. (Apr.-Jul., 2015)

ETM, Inc.
Worked directly with ETM’s marketing director and S4’s designers and developers to produce an information architecture for this portfolio site. Wrote six, 800-word case studies for their featured projects and managed the entire transfer of content and visual assets from the client to Station Four. (Feb.-May, 2015)

Content Management

Firehouse Subs 
Managed the optimization and entry of all content into the new Firehouse Subs website. (Dec., 2014 -Jan., 2015)

World Affairs Council, Jacksonville 
Managed the production, optimization, and entry of all written and visual assets into the website. Worked as the project liaison between the client and S4’s creative and development team through to the launch of the site. (Mar.-Jul., 2016)

Copywriting for Print

Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville  
Worked with the Cultural Council and S4 Designers to write the copy for print assets for the 39th Annual Arts Awards “Light the Night.

Omni Hotels 
Worked with S4 designer on a tight turnaround to produce the content for their holiday ad that appeared in local publications.

Selected Agency Articles


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Writing for Industry Publications

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Writing (and other) Side Projects

Bridge Eight, Inc. (Founder, Publisher, Executive Director)


How Technology is Altering Our Perceived Boundaries of Intimacy: An Interview with Julie E. Bloemeke


A Writer’s Purpose

Building a Literary City


TEDx FSCJ, “Think Like a Storyteller” (November 5th)

Short Film “The Juncture”

Other Created Things

Abridged Reading: A Semi-regular Reading Series (Co-founder & Host)

Left on Mallory, The Riverside Writer’s Community (Founder)

The Drunken Book Review Podcast (Co-founder & Producer for first three episodes)

Technical Proficiencies

Photoshop  |  HTML/CSS  |  JIRA  |  Confluence  |  Basecamp |  Harvest  |  Trello


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